Embrace are main support Coldplay this summer at their two 50,000+ capacity UK shows before hotfooting it to join us at HOPE & GLORY.

Having notched up number one albums and delivered anthem after anthem like Good, Good People, Ashes, Gravity, to name just a few, probably the single most fundamental factor that endears people to a band like Embrace, and makes the fans almost jealously protective, is the fact they’re in a certain spotlight, but always just outside the clique and the current trends.

It’s an aspect that permeates and fortifies the music itself – that being yourself, in spite of what fashion dictates or what anybody else thinks, is the only route worth taking.

Make no mistake about it, Embrace are one of the best bands to come out of the UK in decades. “In the end, the good doesn’t come out,” Danny reflects on former philosophies. “In the end, you die on your own. And what that does is it informs every moment you’re alive, in that it’s precious and finite and short.”

Perhaps that philosophy and keenness to deliver is why the band remain one of the hardest working bands and most loved bands in the country. Embrace have promised yet another album later this year and we can’t wait for them to take to the The Great Exhibition stage at HOPE & GLORY.