When James got back together in 2007 after a six-year sabbatical, it was on the clear understanding that the reunion wasn’t to be a mere victory lap. The Manchester seven-piece had become international stars by challenging conventional wisdom and charting their own course with literate, rousing anthems like Sit Down, Laid and She’s A Star.

James wanted more. A band whose beating heart has always been about feeling the groove and making an emotional connection with their audience, the ‘magnificent seven’ – the classic line-up of singer Tim Booth, bassist Jim Glennie, guitarist Larry Gott, multi-instrumentalist Saul Davies, keyboardist Mark Hunter, drummer David Baynton-Power and trumpeter Andy Diagram – knew they could only pick up the baton by staying true to the restless spirit of their best work.

So, once they had jammed together, toured together and overseen the singles compilation Fresh As A Daisy, James set about working on the new material that would reiterate their ongoing desire.

In 2008, they unveiled Hey Ma, their first studio collection in seven years. Two years later, they released the mini album The Night Before and its companion piece The Morning After. Nevr ones to rest on their laurels James then delivered a breathtaking album – La Petite Mort. ‘We wanted someone who could push us in a new direction,’ explained Tim.

That they did and delivered another incredible album in The End Of The World.

Across three decades of global success, their album sales now stand at 12 million, with 20 of their singles hitting the UK Top 40. As Jim reflects: ‘We had been evil with each other at times before the split. But as soon as we started playing again, the old magic came flooding back.’

That magic now comes to HOPE & GLORY this August and we can’t wait!