Hurtling out of the south of Bristol, The Shimmer Band channel an explosive mix of rock ‘n’ roll and psychedelia that sounds at once gratifyingly familiar and yet thrillingly fresh.

Oozing attitude like a raw wound seeps blood, the five-piece – Tom Newman (singer), Willz Hatcher (drums), Tom Smith (guitar / synths), Tom Kuras (bass) and Babsy (guitar) – capture the vitality and ferocity of the greats.

The Shimmer Band add their own triumphant swagger and brash gang mentality to instant anthems like the Suicide-meets-Sly-Stone chaos of ‘Shoot Me (Baby)’, the stoned-but-soaring strut of ‘What Is Mine?’ and the ecstatic victory call that is ‘Freedom’.

Throw in the scorched fuzz of ‘Freak City’ and ‘Ya Ya (Uh Oh)’s suitably insouciant savagery and you’ll find a band whose edge is so sharp that you won’t even feel it cut you wide open.

If you don’t know The Shimmer Band before HOPE & GLORY, we’re confident you’ll be part of their rapidly growing arsenal of followers by the end of it.