HOPE & GLORY welcomes the superb The Fratellis to its The Great Exhibition stage this summer.

The Fratellis deliver infectious anthem after anthem.The album ‘Costello Music’ led the charge to what is four superb albums to date. Songs like ‘Chelsea Dagger’, ‘Henrietta’ and ‘Creepin Up The Backstairs’ paved the way to more recent tunes like the excellent glam tune‘Baby Don’t You Lie To Me’ with an undeniablyFratellis-shaped swagger.

Without doubt, The Fratellis are one of the most muscularly tuneful and sonically vibrant bands around. Jon spoke of his passion for performing as unquenchable as his ability to writer a killer tune, saying: “On stage every night, it seems recaptured. So it seems unending, really. You walk on, no matter how terrible the day’s been, and you’re back to being that excited 17-year-old. And if that keeps going,” he smiles in conclusion, “we’ll keep going.” And we’re sure the HOPE & GLORY are very pleased to hear that!