The former Keanefrontman gone solo knows how to deliver a massive tune and we can’t wait to hear him at HOPE & GLORY this summer.

From the early days of Keane on tracks ‘Everyboy’s Changing’, ‘Bedshaped’ and ‘Somewhere Only We know’ (Gold both sides of the Atlantic), his unique, soaring vocals have been second-to-none and instantly recognisable.

Now solo, Tom’s vocals are stronger than ever on debut solo album ‘The Wave’.Tracks like ‘Hardened Heart’ are evidence that the quality control of songs is as high as it ever was.

Superb anthems are still the order of the day. Faultless live performances such as a recent rendition of ‘Quicksand’ on ‘Later with Jools Holland’ have cemented his position as one of the greatest voices in UK music.

HOPE & GLORY can’t wait to hear that voice blasting from The Great Exhibition stage this August. A ‘moment’ is a given.